Document API

Document API

To get started using Yumpu you need a user and then can start uploading documents using the API. The Document Upload API gives you the possibility to create, edit and display your documents. Using Yumpu you can then select from several Players for desktop and mobile devices. Upload Document via file CALL: DOCUMENT POST FILE Upload Document via Url CALL: DOCUMENT POST URL Get Document Category List CALL: DOCUMENT GET CATEGORIES Get Document Language List CALL: DOCUMENT GET LANGUAGES Get current Render Status CALL: DOCUMENT GET Render Status

Pull documents you already got inside your account. They can be uploaded and managed both manually and via Data API from any web platform. Get a single Document CALL: DOCUMENT GET Update Document Data CALL: DOCUMENT PUT Delete a Document CALL: DOCUMENT DELETE

Get an overview of documents that are stored in your account. Use this command as a basis for other requests to manage, display or modify your documents. Load a Document List CALL: DOCUMENTS GET

Collections are used to hold Sections for your APP or WEBKiosk. Collections are like Folders and can hold Subfolders, or Sections how we call them. Sections in turn then can hold Documents. List Collection CALL: GET COLLECTION Create Collection CALL:POST COLLECTION Update Collection CALL: PUT COLLECTION Delete Collection CALL: DELETE COLLECTION List Collections Listing all Collections gives an overview of all collections that have been ceated so far. This gives you quickly a good overview of the existing Folders and allows you to create subfolders, or Sections from there. List all my Collections CALL: GET COLLECTIONS

Sections are used to organize Documents. They are like Subfolders and can hold documents. Sections always need to sit inside a collection and can be pulled in formats json and xml. You can get this in data-format, or you can directly use it for your WEBKiosk or APPKiosk. List Section CALL: SECTION GET Create Section CALL: SECTION POST Update Section CALL: SECTION PUT Delete Section CALL: SECTION DELETE

Using the Section document command allows to add documents to these Subfolders. This helps you organize and later pull several documents in a sorted form. You can get this data as json or xml list, or you can directly use it for your WEBKiosk or APPKiosk. Add Document CALL: SECTION DOCUMENT POST Delete Document CALL: SECTION DOCUMENT DELETE

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