Flowchart of basic processes

Yumpu allows you to use several Request-Types.
The typical Workflows to be used are the following:

1. Upload and Display Documents

1. Register a User manually and get the API Token from the User Profile Page 2. Set up a basic Process for pushing or pulling your files from your machine or a web-url to Yumpu.com 3. Use the response-code to extract some or all data, so that you can display your publication the way you need to
PowerPoint-Bildschirmpräsentation - [Präsentation1]_2013-11-12_15-14-34

2. Upload, edit, display and organize Documents

The more advanced calls allow you to upload, edit, manipulate settings, organize Documents. You can also create users, alter details, and change detailed parameters for accessing the documents. Typical workflows for this Process are displayed here:
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