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Getting started with Yumpu API

To use the Yumpu.com API, you need one of our paid plans. With the API, you can create effective tools to publish your pdf documents on your website, tablet or mobile application. Find out how to get started, publish your first pdf as flip book on the web or use the search api to display content. Besides the API, Yumpu.com offers additional premium features. Getting started Guide Introduction to Yumpu API Flowchart of Processes API Limits for Basic Users Yumpu SDK's Wordpress Plugin Media companies, hotels or engineering businesses are using Yumpu to convert their documents from huge pdf documents to web optimized e-Papers. Offering one of the most powerful document publishing APIs, Yumpu gives to the tools you need to create documents and market them to your readers on the internet, mobile or via native tablet apps. Yumpu supports web standards and offers a whole load of features: upload, convert and host documents, present the documents using the html5-view.
Last modified 2mo ago