Request parameters

Limits per window by resource. Rate limit window duration is currently 15 minutes long.
Resource parent Resoure Request limit
documents GET documents 150
document GET document 150
document POST document/file 50
document POST document/url 50
document PUT document 50
document DELETE document 50
document GET document/progress 150
document GET document/categories 150
document GET document/languages 150
document GET document/hotspots 500
document GET document/hotspot 500
document POST document/hotspot 250
document PUT document/hotspot 250
document DELETE document/hotspot 250
countries GET countries 150
collections GET collections 150
collection GET collection 150
collection POST collection 50
collection PUT collection 50
collection DELETE collection 50
collection GET collection/section 150
collection POST collection/section 50
collection PUT collection/section 50
collection DELETE collection/section 50
collection POST collection/section/document 50
collection DELETE collection/section/document 50
search GET search 150
user GET user 150
user POST user 1
user PUT user 50
embeds GET embeds 150
embed GET embed 150
embed POST embed 50
embed PUT embed 50
embed DELETE embed 50
account GET account/members 5000
account GET account/member 500
account POST account/member 250
account PUT account/member 250
account DELETE account/member 250
account GET account/access_tags 500
account GET account/access_tag 500
account POST account/access_tag 250
account PUT account/access_tag 250
account DELETE account/access_tag 250
account GET account/subscriptions 500
account GET account/subscription 500
account POST account/subscription 250
account PUT account/subscription 250
account DELETE account/subscription 250

Increase your API limits

If you are a developer and the Limits of our API are too strict for your application, please feel free to contact our support team.

Just write us what your application is about and why the existing limits are not optimal for you.

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