Update a document hotspot


Name Optional / Required Data type Description Default
id required String One of your document hotspot ids
type required String Type can be link, video, audio or slideshow
settings[x] required Integer x position of the document hotspot
settings[y] required Integer y position of the document hotspot
settings[w] required Integer width of the document hotspot
settings[h] required Integer height of the document hotspot
settings[name] required String a name for the document hotspot (min. length 5, max. length 50)
settings[tooltip] required String a tooltip for the document hotspot (min. length 5, max. length 50)
settings[link] optional String a url (valid URL)
settings[ source] optional String youtube, vimeo, flickr, soundcloud
settings[source_id] optional String youtube: a valid youtube video id vimeo: a valid vimeo video id flickr: a valid flickr id
settings[source_url] optional String soundcloud: a valid soundcloud url
settings[autoplay] optional String y or n


curl -X PUT -H "X-ACCESS-TOKEN: YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN" -d "id=02608658TXrk4GRB" -d "type=link" -d "settings[x]=0" -d "settings[y]=0" -d "settings[w]=400" -d "settings[h]=100" -d "settings[name]=Google.com" -d "settings[tooltip]=Google.com" -d "settings[link]=https://www.google.com" "http://api.yumpu.com/2.0/document/hotspot.json"


$yumpu = new Yumpu();
$data = array(
    'id' => '02784dc6chuNtFd2',
    'type' => 'link',
    'settings' => array(
        'x' => 200,
        'y' => 200,
        'w' => 20,
        'h' => 20,
        'name' => 'google.com',
        'tooltip' => 'google.com',
        'link' => 'https://www.yumpu.com'
$hotspot = $yumpu->putDocumentHotspot($data);


var yumpu = require('yumpu');
var parameters = {
   id: '02608658TXrk4GRB',
   page: 1,
   type: 'link',
   settings: {
       x: 100,
       y: 100,
       w: 50,
       h: 50,
       name: 'google.com',
       tooltip: 'google.com',
       link: 'https://www.yumpu.com'
yumpu.putDocumentHotspot(parameters, function(statusCode, document){
   console.log('Status: ' + statusCode);


Yumpu y = new Yumpu("your access token");
String[] params = {"document_id=27109085", "type=link", "page=1"};
String[] settings = {"x=0", "y=0", "w=400", "h=400", "name=google.com", "tooltip=google.com", "link=https://www.yumpu.com"};
System.out.println(y.putDocumentHotspot(params, settings));

Whatever language you are using, the result will be the same.

  "hotspot": [
      "id": "02608658TXrk4GRB",
      "document_id": "27219350",
      "page": "1",
      "type": "link",
      "settings": {
        "x": "0",
        "y": "0",
        "w": "400",
        "h": "100",
        "name": "google.com",
        "tooltip": "google.com",
        "link": "https://www.yumpu.com"
      "create_date": "2014-10-01 08:53:57",
      "update_date": "2014-10-01 09:09:00"
  "state": "success",
  "completed_in": "0.1644"

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